Sunday, June 30, 2019

Blog 24

Holiday season! This week were the last lessons at Bayadère before the vacation period.
In the first week of September, lessons will start again.

Last Monday it was boiling hot, more than 30 degrees Celsius (86 degrees Fahrenheit), so we did not actually practice. 

We did some fun games like ballet memory. 
And that all in a very relaxing atmosphere; Lyda treated us with a lollipop.

When I came in on Tuesday, there were still some kids playing hide and seek in the classroom. And it was terribly hot.
We decided to keep it short and said our goodbye’s: “See you in September.”

It’s customary to give the teacher at the closing lesson a small gift. I gave Lyda a box of peppermint, symbolizing how she refreshes my life with her Russian ballet lessons. 
After that, I went home and made a fine long stroll with my dog. Ruminating on my ballet lessons of the past year.

In my first blog, I wrote that I intended to make you part of my journey. So in the past half year, I wrote about my experiences and troubles in mastering some of the elementals of ballet. And I hope that you will enjoy reading about my journey as much as I enjoy learning this beautiful art of dancing, called ballet. I hope that I succeeded in this.

During this vacation, I will not write a blog. But of course, my exercising won’t stop. I intend to work on my flexibility and a few techniques.
Next year I will join 2 classes, one on level grade 3a and one on level 3b. 

Please feel free to give a comment on my blog. Or contact me on the e-mail address: if you have a particular issue you want to share with me.

See you in September! Have a nice Holiday! Bye!

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