Sunday, June 2, 2019

Blog 20

In my ballet life, there were two significant experiences this week.

The first one a regular Tuesday lesson, but without the barre, starting right in the center. Modesty is my name after that lesson. Keeping your balance when there is no barre to hold on is a down to earth experience. Suddenly you use and feel muscles you never felt before, and your coordination flips. A grande plié in 1st position is quite an accomplishment, but now try one in the 5th position! Or a ronde jambe. I suddenly realized that at the barre, you only use 1 half of your body actively. You move your right arm and leg. And afterward, your left arm and leg. But now, in the center, everything has to be done simultaneously. Left and right arm make the same movement, while you move 1 leg, using the other one to keep in balance.

A day earlier in the Monday lesson, Lyda asked us to think about what level of lesson we want to take in the next year. Think about it she said, and later on, we will discuss your choice.
After 1 ½ year of ballet lessons, I still consider myself a beginner. And after my Tuesday experience, I’m sure of that. So next year I will propose to follow the same curriculum as I do this year, that is a lesson for the basics and a lesson on level grade 3. Rehearsing and rehearsing will be my motto.
And more exercises at home to improve my balance, coordination, and flexibility. 

The other significant ballet experience was my visit to the Swan Lake, performed by the National (Dutch) Ballet. The theatre was practically sold out. I sat right in the middle, together with my daughter. 
The orchestra was fantastic, what an experience to hear Tchaikovsky’s music live. The ballet was top level. Rich and abundant. Beautiful costumes and sceneries. A lot of hard work was done to create this spectacle of splendor. Yes, it was a privilege to be there. 
Swan Lake is a fairy tale and deals with both the purity and bitterness of young love. Very romantic, indeed! Goosebumps in the final of act 4, where the music of Tchaikovsky swells to a crescendo in the scene where Prince Siegfried an Odette part.
Art is something magical. It touches your soul.

And after sitting 3 ½ hours in a chair, overwhelmed by the show of the Swan Lake I enjoyed stretching my legs and made a stroll with my daughter through the center of the city of Amsterdam. Very relaxing! And down to earth. 

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