Sunday, April 7, 2019

Blog 14, sitting on a chair with a bruised little toe.

Sunday evening I sent an email to Lyda that I had bruised the little toe of my left foot.
No ballet for me this week I feared, certainly not this week.

Lyda replied my mail with an invitation to join her class after all! 

She mailed:

“If it is possible for you, come to the studio. Come and see your lessons.
You will also learn from that in a different way. Things like:
•    the mistakes that other students make, and understand why I make certain corrections
•    the things that the others do well, how they do it, and how you can improve yourself
     to see the physical struggles and skills of others and evaluate your own development in that context
•    to practice remembering the exercises cognitively
•    participate in your head with the exercise = visualization, so that you can pick up your training more easily next week
•    and because you don’t feel the stress "I have to do this", you’re more relaxed and may to notice things that you would have otherwise missed.
I’ll put a chair for you in the studio. You don't have to change.” 

Well, I just can’t deny her logic. So I went to class and took a seat.

The students stood ready at the barre, and the piano music filled the classroom. I was sitting there in that wonderful place, totally devoted to ballet. The moment class started I dreamed away, in utter peace and feeling blessed to be part of this new world. 

I heard Lyda talking to me, asking me to be attentive. And so I did.

I looked at my fellow students and learned a few things. They were my mirrors this evening.
I instantly understood the importance of correct placement. It really uplifts your performance. I also noticed that a proper placement helps when you have to keep balance standing on demi-pointe. And it was inspiring to see that each student has his or her own preferences and struggles in practicing the exercises. 

Lyda stressed the importance of visualization. Visualize yourself doing your exercises she says. It helps you to actually resume your exercises again when your bruise is healed.
Visualization is a technique to mentally rehearse your exercises, to go over your dance in your head, paying specific attention to what muscles you need to engage at each part of the dance and the corrections your teacher gives you.

Tomorrow I want to try to join my class again. I visualized this every day of the week. 

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