Sunday, January 13, 2019

This week lessons started again after the Christmas recess. I join 2 lessons per week, the adult beginner's lesson and the beginner' s + lesson. Usually, apart from me, there are 7 to 8 participants in the beginner's lesson, all women of various age.  I am the only male participant, and also the oldest.

After a busy day at work, I went to Bayadere. The prospect of ballet gives me that other mindset and that joyful expectation of dancing with beautiful piano music.

It feels good to be back in the ballet school again. I quickly change clothes and hurry into the classroom. It is my moment of freedom, those 5 minutes before the others come into the classroom.  I practice some moves and do various exercises in that empty space. For example, I exercise the turn, to be able to get used to turning. A month ago it was trickier than now. I am less dizzy. Little by little I am progressing in the movement.
As soon as the students enter the room starts Lyda class. Coming weeks  Lyda wants to emphasize on foot flexibility. This lesson we practice the elemental movements like plie and tendu. Rehearsing these over and over again gives me the opportunity to build up routine with the basic movements. This way I internalize a piece of ballet movement. 

One of my favorites is the ronds de jambe par terre exercise. That gives me a smooth feeling in the legs and hips.

At home, I usually prepare myself for ballet with some warming up exercises, taking about a half an hour. A ballet lesson without warming up is a lost lesson. It is my precaution against injuries, especially of injuries of my calves.
And yet my muscles and joints feel uncomfortably stiff. Usually, this is less a problem, but not after this holiday period. 

I rarely miss a lesson. But this is exactly what happened this week. After a busy day at work, I had an unexpected business meeting. So I regretfully missed my second lesson.
It really is an art to combine work and ballet in a good way.

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