Saturday, February 29, 2020

Blog 47 The last blog

In my first blog, I wrote that I wanted to make you part of my journey and experiences and troubles in mastering some of the elementals of ballet. 
You walked with me this past year and were my partner on my traveling through this vast landscape that we call ballet.
Ballet has become a part of my life. A dream that has come true. A bit late, but whatever!

I'm making the next step in my professional life. I have a few new obligations in my job to meet and talked this over with my teacher Lyda. So after careful consideration, I've made some decisions. 
It's time now for me to rearrange a few things. Though my professional life as a manager puts a considerable claim on my free time, I succeeded up to now to continue to take part in 2 lessons a week and write a blog. 
I will continue my ballet lessons, but I will stop writing a blog. I need a clear mind.
So I can focus better on the new opportunity and use my spare hours for the dancing itself, instead of using them to write. 

I hope that I have inspired you, I wish and hope that my adventurous journey has inspired some of you to make that next step too. Maybe in ballet, or perhaps in realizing that other dream you have.
We are all capable of so much more than we give ourselves credit for. But then you have to hunt your dreams without fear. 
Courage will push you in new directions, it will allow you to accomplish new things, and become the source of constant personal growth and success.

Only the very few become a prima ballerina. For all the other practitioners' ballet has the capacity to be an art of life, that will keep them healthy, fulfilled, mentally, and physically. 
It's all there, you just have to grab it.

I also hope that the teachers that have read my blog understand how blissful and grateful it can be to teach ballet to older and elderly people. It is rewarding, I'm sure about that. But it requires a different mindset. I challenge you to try that new road!

I also encourage men to have the guts to enter that classroom, where you will discover that ballet is far more than only feminine. As a male dancer, you will find out that there is a vast array of necessities when you want to thrive as a dancer. Strength, tenacity, balance, musicality, and so much more. Very masculine indeed!

I know that people all over the world read my blog, from the US to Russia, Japan to South America, Australia, and the Middle and the Far East. And of course in Europe, from Finland to Italy. That's what Google Analytics tells me.  My blogs have been read thousands of times!
I'm so grateful for this acknowledgment of my personal journey by people all over the world.
Above all, I'm grateful for my teacher Lyda, who, without any constraint, opened her network for me, so people all over the world could read my weekly journal. 

Lyda, I pay homage to you, you are a terrific coach and a hell of a teacher in Russian Ballet. You introduced me to that beautiful classic art and opened doors for me. You are a wonderful person, and I hope to keep entering that door at Bayadère for as long as we live. My blogs are a tribute to you, and to ballet. It's a gift of life.

It is time to move on now. Thank you, all of you.
God bless you!

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  1. Thank you Bert, for everything you do for La Bayadère. It is so much more than I would dare to ask from you (although I did stimulate you to write this blog ;) ).
    You did not only write about your classes, but you promoted me and my studio again and again.

    You are a hardworking ballet student, not only coming to class, but also training at home and reading about ballet, everything you can get. It is a joy to teach you.

    Your journey in ballet can continue for years. I can assure you your love for ballet will never fade. It will only grow and you will discover more details and still hidden treasures in the world of ballet.