Sunday, September 29, 2019

Blog 28 The week to bring along a friend

Pupils could bring their friend along for a ballet lesson this week, again one of the many customs at Bayadère. A few of the younger dance students brought a girl or boyfriend with them. Literally, the guests were beginners in ballet, and that was an interesting scene to see. 
We at once realized that though we think we are beginners, actually we are no beginner anymore. We have learned a few things! I had a few looks at the faces of our guests when we did our regular exercises at the barre. Their puzzled faces were sheer amusing.
I remember feeling awkward when 2 years ago, I came in for my first lesson and did my first plié at the barre. A new and uncommon world, with other customs and precise ways of moving. 
A nice lesson!

This week I had to skip my Thursday lesson. Work had to come first. I had a busy day at the office, all day managing to get things done. The downside is that I on such days, I have little to no attention for my physical and mental needs.
When I drove home that evening, I thought that one of the benefits of ballet is the stretching. I carried stress in my muscles that evening, my body ached after this long and exhausting day. 
Before I go to class, I usually warm-up, and do some stretches. That provides a tension release of my muscles. Ballet taught me that stretching is also a way to release the tension of my mind. That’s the upside of attending class; the exercises can be very relaxing.

I remember reading somewhere that stretching is a very effective form of stress management. That’s a real discovery for me. It provides a mental break, making you feel calmer and peaceful. 
So when you feel stressed, you have to develop the discipline to stretch. 
Easier said than done by the way. It takes focus and determination to break that circle of anxiety.

This morning at the gym, I practiced the sauté’s. Remarkable how a continuous dedication to an exercise can improve your performance. Just do it!

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