Sunday, May 19, 2019

Blog 18, about flexibility 

In the Monday lesson, Lyda talked about flexibility and stretching. One of the students said that in the past she could do to the split, but now alas, she lost that skill.

Lyda gave us a few tips on how to improve the flexibility you need for ballet and more specific to do a split. 
Stretching improves flexibility. Internet is full of information on the subject of stretching, good and bad stuff. You have to choose, and that’s not easy. Most sites leave out one crucial piece of info on stretching! And that’s: stretch only after a thorough warming up! 

I mention one of her suggestions.
Barre stretch: Start in the first position, you stand facing the barre, put your left hand on the barre. Lift your right leg onto the barre with your ankle resting on it, and your foot pointed. Lift your right hand to high fifth position and lean forward, but keep your back flat, onto the right leg. Hold for 30 seconds then repeat on the other side. And of course, both legs turned out.

Some people are more flexible than others. And look at me, as I age, I have a tendency to become tight and stiff.  So time and effort are needed if I want to improve my flexibility. 
Slack discipline implies slow progress or no progress at all.

I try to stretch 5 times a week; this usually takes half an hour. 
And it is a fact is: the more I stretch, the more flexible I become. 
But you get better and realize quicker results if you stretch 3 times a day: in the morning, forenoon and evening. That’s for the folks that have the time, opportunity and focus on doing so.

I really want to stress the importance of warming up again. And if you are stretching and you feel pain, listen to your body and don’t exaggerate! 

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